Agate Designs is a Family Business Started in 1965

Family Owned and Operated for Two Generations

Agate Designs was started in 1965 by the late Jim Kullberg and his wife Martha. It has bloomed into a second-generation business that is still family owned and operated.

Today owner Mark Kullberg makes it his job to find and display nature’s beauty for your lasting enjoyment. Ask Mark, “What do you like most about your job?” and the response is instant. “It’s the people who walk through the door. I’m doing what I love, and those people make that possible!”

It’s fair to say, most people who visit us for the first time, either through word of mouth, or because they were “just walking by,” come back again and again. It’s easy to see why, once you have been to the shop. Have a question? Ask away. That’s the enjoyment of running Agate Designs. Every item invokes a curiosity or a story, and who doesn’t love a good story?